Build Up Your Immune System Today!

Jan 10, 2022

Good Morning!

Here we find ourselves in the second week of this new year of 2022!  We here at Elizabethton Chiropractic hope that you're doing well!  We have a few tips that we would like to share with you to help you and your loved ones.  We know this is cold and flu season, so we have a few things to aid you in your fight.  

Immune System Help for the Season

"It being cold season, I always heard that 'where calcium is low, viruses grow.'  So, I recommend that you use a lot of bone broths and soups, and also Immuplex is a great whole food multivitamin and antiviral supplement to be on from now through Spring.  Epimune is also a great way to keep your zinc up.  Also, timing is key.  If you feel that you get that feeling you're sick or going downhill, call the office (423.542.3337) ASAP, so we can get you you on an acute protocol to help your immune system fight as soon as possible!  Timing is everything!"

Yours in health,

Dr. Dennis and Your EC Team

Standard Process

2022 SP Detox & Purification Challenge

It’s finally here! The 2022 SP Detox and Purification Challenge starts today.

If your patients haven’t signed up yet, they’re still eligible to participate and win health-focused prizes if they enroll and start the challenge by January 17.

  • Grand Prize: $400 HelloFresh gift card
  • Second Place Prize: $200 HelloFresh gift card
  • Third Place Prize: $100 HelloFresh gift card

Help your patients determine which program is right for them.

28-Day SP Detox Balance™ Program

  • Balanced, safe, and effective nutritional support for all three phases of detoxification*
  •  Tasty, all-in-one shake available in Chai Flavor and No Added Flavor options (depending on the day, you will drink one, two, or three nutrient-packed SP Detox Balance™ shakes)
  •  Includes basic meal, hydration, and exercise guidance

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Learn About the Challenge

Your patients will have access to a number of resources to keep them going throughout the challenge: daily inspirational emails, access to nationwide Facebook communities, and insights from a number of noteworthy peers.

Click HERE to learn more