The Science Behind PEMF: Cells Are Like Batteries

Feb 27, 2023

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The Science Behind PEMF: Cells Are Like Batteries

Researchers from the University of Warwick’s Bio-Electrical Engineering Innovation Hub explained that a bioelectrical view of the cell could enhance our ability to predict and control cellular behavior. In both electrochemical cells (batteries) and biological cells, the partitioning of charged molecules and ions across membranes in and around the cell gives rise to chemical reactions and ion movements. We know that when batteries are low on charge, they perform short of their potential. Similarly, biological cells that are low on charge will also exhibit dysfunction. Much like rechargeable batteries for cell phones, laptops, and cars, biological cells can also be recharged to function optimally. We can also expect that just as some rechargeable batteries hold their charges less as they age, the duration or impact of recharging biological cells will vary from one cell/ individual to the next.

“The bioelectrical conceptualization of cell behavior can be illustrated with an analogy between a biological cell and a battery, both of which use redox reactions and ion movements.”

Here is the link again that explains the Energizing Session in Elizabethton Chiropractic HERE.

Whole Food/Herb SupplementationOur Bodies know real food!

Our hormones are the foundation of who we are, our energy, and body functions. No matter what age, I believe in properly supporting them with real food and pharmaceutical grade herbs. How herbs aretinctured is everything and that’s why I use & believe in Medi-Herb. Here is a whole food and herbprotocol that I have been doing for 28 years!

Symplex F (female) 3 bid. Supports the healthy function of women’s ovaries, the adrenal, pituitary, andthyroid glands

Symplex M (male) 3 bid. Supports the healthy function of men's testes, the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands

Hypothalmex -1 bid. Our brains work in story. This supports this part of our brain!

Black Currant Seed Oil – 1 bid. Which is involved in eicosanoid synthesis which plays important roles inourendocrinological/physiological system.


FemCo-(Females) 1 bid.

Tongkat Ali (Males) 1 bid.


A 28-YEAR-OLD BANK TELLER presented with one year, history of lower back pain, radiating down his left lower extremity, associated with numbness and tingling sensation down the left leg in the L4 and L5 dermatomal distribution. The symptoms were interfering with the patient’s work and sleep. Prior to his initial visit, he underwent six weeks of physical therapy, and was treated with NSAIDs, opioids, and Lyrica without any relief. A pre-treatment MRI (figure 1) revealed moderate disc herniation at L4, L5level, touching the L4 and L5 nerve roots on the left. Patient underwent 20 treatment sessions on theDRX9000 over six weeks.A follow up MRI, one month after the last treatment (figure 2) reflected, almost total resolution of the herniated L4/5 disc, with improvement in disc morphology, disc height, and neural canal AP diameter at the L4/L5 level. Clinically the patient had total resolution of his symptoms. After a one-year follow-up with the patient, he was still symptom-free in a repeat MRI still showed no changes from the previous post-treatment MRI.The treating Dr., Mustafa A. Hammad, MD, DO, DABIPP, FIPP, FACP, CPI, FAAN, is owner of the Neuromedical Institute, and is board-certified in neurology, pain, medicine, and interventional pain management using the DRX9000.

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